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Appliance Retailer

CRS Appliances is one of the largest appliance retailers in South Florida, at 20,000 square feet.  Our appliance warehouse features the best brands in the industry, provides excellent service and specializes on fast and reliable solutions for your dream home.

CRS Appliances is an authorized Frigidaire Retailer, with new home appliances in stock, complete with power cords and all items needed for installation. These Frigidaire Appliances are brand new, packed in their Frigidaire factory box, and come with the factory warranty. We have many brand new Frigidaire appliances in stock at all times.  If you are looking for new appliances at a great price, with no wait, we have just what you need.

Home Appliance Repair Service

CRS Appliances has 28 years of experience in the appliance industry. Our expert team specializes on your satisfaction, therefore provides excellent and fast solutions.

Our home appliance repair service is beyond exceptional. We bring the expertise and knowledge you deserve to your home, and provide excellent service for repairs on all major appliances, including: Washers, Dryers, Refrigerators, Dishwashers, Stoves, Ovens, Garbage Disposals, and more. We offer same or next day service, for all of Broward and the northern end of Dade County, and the southern end of Palm Beach, and deliver to Tri County.

CRS Appliances Warranty & Client Satisfaction

CRS Appliances has excellent rates for home appliance repair service: $75 for the service call, which includes the first half hour and diagnostic, plus parts and labor. Call today to schedule an appointment. We service many major homebuilders and property managers, and are always looking to add more to our growing list. We also provide these same clients both new and used appliances for their properties.

Give us a call and schedule an appointment. We service many major homebuilders and property managers, and are always looking to add more to our growing list. We also provide these same clients both new and used appliances for their properties.

Home Delivery

CRS Appliances delivers to Northern Dade and all of Broward County at an exceptional rate.  We never charge you per item, only a flat rate.

Please note that we can’t perform deliveries that involve the use of stairs for large appliances, or that necessitate the removal of doors or other obstructions.

Please always measure your available space, especially when it comes to refrigerators and laundry centers!  The worse situation for a customer is paying a delivery fee, only to find that your refrigerator or laundry center does not fit in the space you thought it would!

Bulk pickup and Furniture Removal

CRS Appliances also specializes in taking away bulk appliances, as well as furniture, from hotels, homes, condos, and timeshares. When these locations are remodeling or bringing in new appliances, we are the company to call to have us purchase and take away the old appliances.

dryer vent cleaning service

Dryer Vent Cleaning Service

Keeping your dryer running smooth and efficiently is paramount. Clogged dryer vents and built up lint in them, may increase the risk of fire hazard. It also extends the amount of time to dry a load of clothes, generating higher energy costs for your household.

Our professional CRS Appliance Dryer Vent Cleaning Sevice thoroughly cleans the inside of your dryer, from the vent through the wall or the roof. We cleanse the dryer duct system and remove excess lint!

property manager crs appliances

CRS Appliance for Property Managers

At CRS Appliance, we understand the specialized needs of individual property managers; therefore provide competitive and special prices on new and refurbished appliances. Property Managers are one of our top priorities, thus CRS Appliance offers reliable appliance service at the lowest prices around!

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  1. I need a side by side stainless csninet depth refrigerator
    Have a used topfreezer refrigerator there that needs to be taken away
    Nothing wrong
    Exept the door hsndle ehich might get a new one
    Do uou have a refrigerator you csn offer
    Thank you much

  2. Good day

    I hope you can assist. I am looking to sell my GE Dryer. It is in excellent condition, just has a few scratches from being installed under counter. I need it gone ASAP as I’m moving and have no space for it in my new apartment.

    The model number is: DCVH480/485EK
    GE® 4.0 Cu. Ft. Capacity Frontload Electric Dryer

    Please let me know if you would be interested in purchasing it. I am only asking $100 and it retails new for close to $1000.

    Thank you for your time.

  3. I have a good refrigerator to give,the only thing is that the defrost does not work all the time. I know you could repair it and resell it
    It’s a Whirlpool ED2FHEXTQ02, 33WIDE 68 HIGHT X32. I changed it for a bigger one.
    Tell me if you’re interrested to pick it up .Thanks